Christine Marie

Workplace Dynamics

Eliminating drama, gossip, and unhealthy competition within a team seems like an obvious course of action...

Then why is it so hard for businesses to implement it?

Relationship Dynamics

Hardly anyone enjoys arguing, but somehow that's what ends up happening.....

Christine Marie

Christine has worked as a Certified Relationship and Leadership Coach for over 15 years. She specializes in eliminating drama, conflict and suffering in both family and workplace environments. Her approach provides the core skills necessary to cultivate healthy communication, collaboration and creative solutions.

Relationship Dynamics

Whether you're newly married, partnered for decades, or an individual looking to understand your latest break-up, most of us have something to learn about the art and science of Relationships.

Nothing can kick our butt, or open our hearts and minds more than our experiences with loved ones. It is these experiences that exist to teach us where we have been hurt, and what we need to do to heal.

Relationship Coaching is different than couples therapy. It employs a Learning Model where each partner is invited to learn about their part in the relationship dynamic and to take full responsibility for it. Specific relationship skills are taught and practiced in session with facilitation for optimal learning. These practices create an environment of equality and ally-ship, and evokes collaboration, connection, and intimacy.

If you’d like to learn more about Individual or Couples coaching sessions, please use the Contact button to schedule a free 20 min consultation with Christine.

Workplace Dynamics

Whether you're a doctor, dentist, lawyer, broker or agent, you've probably spent a lot of time mastering your talent. However, very few professionals receive any education on how to navigate the pitfalls of organizational relationships. Conflict within an organization can be expensive, disruptive, and draining. Experiences such as personality clashes, communication issues, entitlement attitudes, bullying, territorialism, and unhealthy or toxic patterns can sink an otherwise healthy enterprise.

With Corporate Coaching, every team member is taught specific skills designed to create awareness and implement healthy patterns to improve the corporate atmosphere. Specific focus includes an invitation of each member to step into personal leadership and responsibility through colloboration, active listening, authenticity, ownership and appreciation. When implemented these practices work to transform an organization from struggling to thriving.

Corporate Coaching Includes:

  • Administration of surveys and interviews to determine individual and team strengths, weaknesses and challenges
  • Identify development needs and conflict patterns
  • Executive review to cultivate a strategy and focus based on professional assessment
  • Group Facilitated Training - Each team receives training that introduces alignment with core values, balance within each team member and clarity of focus and purpose
  • Skills are presented and then practiced with the Coach present for facilitation
  • Follow up sessions for team members optional for those who require additional support in practicing skills

The benefits of Corporate Coaching are plentiful and profound:

  • Elevates job satisfaction for team members
  • Lowers employee turnover and sick days
  • Increases resilience during times of stress or pressure
  • Expands appreciation for the team, the employer, and the business
  • Cultivates an atmosphere with shared goals and celebration as a whole
  • Fosters creativity and problem solving skills
  • Leadership can focus on the business instead of putting out fires

Corporate Coaching fees:

Dependent on Team Size and Needs. Please contact Christine for a free consultation and quote.

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